Kailing Kelly Liu

Multidiscplinary Designer

is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer.
likes experimenting with motion graphics / printed matter.
views brand strategy/art direction/visual identity as a fun puzzle.
likes to capture passion and emotion in her photographs.
is researching about the digital world powered by cryptocurrency.
is a (huge) music enthusiast.

I am fascinated with translating storytelling, identity, and representation, into brands, visuals, objects, and typography.
I live between the intersection of design, music, and photography.

Looking for opportunities to work with organizations, groups, and musicians of multi-cultural or AAPI Identifying backgrounds.

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︎︎︎Lifted Asia: Vol. 1 (photography)
︎︎︎National Geography: How College Students are documenting their distrupted education (photography)
︎︎︎Music, Why Not! (interviews + concert photography)