Screenwriting, Videography, Direction
Tyler Petrossi

Starring Julia “Juju” Nieto, Tyler Petrossi
Archival Expression
Photography, Design
Self Initiated

I see music as a method of archiving emotions and memories in expressions of tonality, rhythm, and voice. A sort of diary that exists in the form of digital wavelengths, with each segment telling a different perspective of a story.

I asked some of my friends, who are musicians of color, what music is and what it meant to them. Their answers informed the edit, pose, and style of their portraits — an exploration of their expressions and archival memories.
Special thanks to everyone involved
LATE; The Film by KeyzVango
Direction, Screenwriting, Photography

The Unyielding Imprint Productions
A film by Tommy Rebel and Kelly Liu
Screenplay by  Kelly Liu

All Songs Written, Produced, Arranged, Recorded & Mixed by Keyz Vango
Mastered by Christal Jerez 

Executive Produced by Keyz Vango, Tiffany Ruiz, Theron Corleone
Styling & Wardrobe by Emily Bogner & Ryan Conway
Set Design & Props by Jose Gallo & Santosh Faiia

Screenwriting and Art Direction for “LATE, The Film”, an 8-part moody short interpretive experience celebrating the exploration and journey of self, paired with a zine (below) showing the expansion into the creative process behind the scenes. Each song/visual is meant to reflect a conflicting duality in pursuing a relationship with oneself, as the surrounding environment evolves through dramatic highs & lows.

Zine Available for Purchase via DM or Email.

Branding, Direction, Social Media, Strategy
Creative Direction, social media strategy, identity, and events for LIONS SHARE, a DAO, creative community, and music podcast featuring the best emerging artists from Asia and the Asian Diaspora.